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September brings a colorful array of new releases!

Murder, She Wrote: Death of a Blue Blood
by Donald Bain, Jessica Fletcher

Black Cat Crossing
(A Bad Luck Cat Mystery #1)
by Kay Finch

Night of the White Buffalo
(A Wind River Mystery #18)
by Margaret Coel


Blind Justice
by Ethan Cross
"Blind Justice"
Reviewed by Viviane Crystal
Posted September 1, 2015

Deacon Munroe, a blind investigator, is called to work on the deaths of a friend, a top-ranking general and his wife. The reader already knows that the General died without revealing what his killer demands to know. However, the killer makes the General kill himself and so it looks like Read more...

Thoreau in Phantom Bog
by B.B. Oak
"Thoreau in Phantom Bog: A Henry David Thoreau Mystery"
Reviewed by Viviane Crystal
Courtesy Crystal Book Reviews
Posted September 1, 2015

Phantom Blog is located outside of Plumford, Massachusetts and its name arises from a tale about a runaway slave who still haunts a bog that escaping slaves still have to occasionally cross when being pursued by formidable, relentless bounty hunters or owners. Now the tale comes to the attention of Read more...

The Bourbon Kings
by J. R. Ward
"The Bourbon Kings - Series #1"
Reviewed by Viviane Crystal
Courtesy Crystal Book Reviews
Posted August 17, 2015

Move over, creators, actors and actresses of the singular TV series, Dallas, depicting the oil and cattle families in all of their glory, glitziness, and scandal! For now we have a Novel, The Bourbon Kings, taking place in Kentucky where the production of bourbon and prize- winning horses rules. The Read more...

Devil's Bridge
by Linda Fairstein
"Devil's Bridge: An Alexandra Cooper Novel #17"
Reviewed by Viviane Crystal
Posted August 13, 2015

Alexandra Cooper's job isn't pretty but it's all about justice. She's the chief prosecutor of the Manhattan Sex Crimes Unit and has made more enemies than she can count on both hands. So no big shock when she's called into the scene of a murder of a pimp, Read more...

Rainy Day Sisters
by Kate Hewitt
"Rainy Day Sisters: A Hartley-By-The-Sea Novel"
Reviewed by Viviane Crystal
Posted August 10, 2015

Lucy Bagshaw\'s life has been shattered by her mother\'s embarrassing public commentary on Lucy\'s art, the public response and Lucy\'s boyfriend who drops her like a hot potato to protect his own children from the bad press circulating both online and print media. So Lucy decides to take a temporary Read more...

No Comfort for the Lost
by Nancy Herriman
"No Comfort for the Lost: A Mystery of Old San Francisco"
Reviewed by Viviane Crystal
Courtesy Crystal Book Reviews
Posted August 10, 2015

British-born Celia Davis became a nurse and served in the Crimean War, a womanly career frowned upon by late 1800 society. Now Celia has become the caretaker of her half- Chinese cousin, Barbara, and has opened a free clinic where she cares for anyone in need. Her concerns compel her to Read more...

The Summertime Girls
by Laura Hankin
"The Summertime Girls: A Novel"
Reviewed by Viviane Crystal
Courtesy Crystal Book Reviews
Posted August 5, 2015

Ally Morris and Beth Abbott have been best friends since they were children. They pictured each other as sisters from the well-known and beloved novel, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. But sometimes expectations about how these novelistic characters will fulfill their destinies can\'t account for what is Read more...

A Pledge of Better Times
by Margaret Porter
"A Pledge of Better Times"
Reviewed by Viviane Crystal
Courtesy Crystal Book Reviews
Posted August 5, 2015

Power and its consequent manipulations, betrayals, immoralities, favors, and dysfunction are characteristic of 17th Century England under the reign of King Charles II, King James, King William III and his Queen Mary, and King George III. But Lady Diana de Vere is an anomaly in the middle of the Read more...

Ten Thousand Things
by John Spurling
"Ten Thousand Things"
Reviewed by Viviane Crystal
Courtesy Crystal Book Reviews
Posted August 5, 2015

What are the Ten Thousand Things that the artist, government official, and philosopher Wang Meng says are "Mind" at the conclusion of this remarkable story which takes place in 14th Century China? They are everything sublime and temporal, every experience one could possibly experience combined with the exquisite expression Read more...

Circling the Sun
by Paula McLain
"Circling the Sun: A Novel"
Reviewed by Viviane Crystal
Courtesy Crystal Book Reviews
Posted July 30, 2015

Put away your notions of how a woman should behave in the 1920s. Instead picture a woman whose initial love was for the wilds of Africa, in particular Nairobi where her father raised horses. Imagine her life after her mother deserted them with a brother and returned to Africa, Read more...

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